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Who We Are

Beijing Metal Challenge Global Trading Co., Ltd., founded in Beijing on 18th January, 2005, with registered capital of CNY 108 million, is an independent holding company.

The company deals with domestic and international nonferrous trades as well as serving as agent for commercial operations for a number of reputable overseas corporations. In parallel the company also renders professional consulting services to related industries. Since its inception, driven by the industriousness and first class technology and services, Metal Challenge is constantly poised for tides of severe market competitions and grasped business opportunities in spite. Under persistent pioneering expansion efforts, the company has built favorable reputation and elite image within the industry on its significant sales results. The company boasts a strong team of trading experts, which stands out amongst peer companies.

Our Mission & Value

A company of Integrity


Keep an upright ideal, we adhere to the philosophy that profits derived from the identification of our value from all parties, not relying on the market game or being oppressive, so we have no intention to become the “Jewish Culture” trading firm or the price overlord, but we will always have a clear conscience in front of the rights and the wrongs.


Bond and Bridge


Take advantage of our wide sources from Latin America, Japan and Southeast Asia areas, as well as our rich overseas operation experience, to assist more Chinese enterprises to go out and implement the internationalization.


Sincere Partner


We do not want to become the so called biggest metal trading company in China, we just want to let every staff, every client, everyone who knows Metal Challenge feel our enthusiasm, our pursuit of ideals, our love of life, our sincerity to partnership.

Challenge & Innovation


After the decline in commodity property, bulk commodity struggles, trading profits weakened.

With the falling prices, the cost of mines investment continuously rises, profits decline.

After Qingdao incident, the banks tightening loan has tensed the capital chain of the whole industry. Some enterprises have experienced the capital chain rupture, credit risk increases.



Grasp opportunities to expand the trading cooperation with the world’s mining companies, to deepen the emotional foundation and mutual understanding, to get prepared for the next step of assets penetration and logistics services.

To further strengthen Metal Challenge’s bond role between China and the world’s mining companies, to deepen cooperation and seek merger and investment opportunities of mines on the basis of solid trade.

Looking for opportunities to investment projects that could embody our values, be the provider of the scheme on the mining resources integration optimization.