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Machinery Department of Beijing Metal Challenge Global Trading Co., Ltd. has been proudly acting as sales agent for top-notch equipment, machinery components and technologies deliverers for steel related industry the world over.

As a pillar material for human construction development, steel has always been a focal point in China’s industrial portfolio. Like many other industries steel circle has had its own warm spring as when the overall expansion was booming or several winters as when the shrinking demand was coupled with the raw material price surges. In the year 2011, out of global crude steel production of 1,490 million metric tons, China alone has produced 680 million metric tons, evidencing China’s iron and steel industry has been advancing at an incredible pace.

As the world’s leading steel maker, China is nevertheless being obsessed by the ever declining margin level with many of enterprises struggling at bare break-even points. This has made it clear to us that once the volume shortage has been resolved, the key driver will in turn be quality improvement. We endeavor to bring advanced technology and equipment into China, hence contributing to the upgrading of China’s steel quality.

Metallurgical Injection Technologies

ThyssenKrupp Polysius AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp, is founded in the year 1859. Being the inventor of injection desulphurization method, Polysius’ hot metal desulphurization stations are preferred worldwide. 

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Slab Scarfing Technology

Metal Challenge, as years of partner of the Japanese company, has been working closely together to tap Chinese market. Such technology and equipment is utilized to maximize product quality and mill productivity by means of scarfing the slabs/billets/rod billets and cleaning up any surface defect.

Other Machinery

Metal Challenge is also representing German made slag skimming machines and multiple types of industrial manipulator hands.