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Beijing Metal Challenge Global Trading Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Zhang Xin

Everyone has aspirations, aspirations are pursuit and expectation for a better life, which, regardless of being short or long term ones, are usually close to life, where through hard strive this goal and dream may just come true. As one aspiration becomes achieved, comes afterwards another, and circles as such.

Aspirations are comprised of a philosophy and an idea. A philosophy is the principles and methods one applies to do certain things, and it is a consciousness of responsibilities to life, to career, to family and a series of habits developed through a long period of time, while idea is the thrust propeller of achieving a goal. Having ideas is important, it means a lot to the development of one’s life. Choosing a company with dreams and goals and people with ambitions to work with while at young ages, this type of combination and interaction usually promotes a positive effect towards the developments of one’s life and career.

Ten years ago, filled with such a dream to pursuit for a better and happier life, I left an already rather “comfortable” and “secure” job, and stepped on this “single-trip” career path of my own business that was not fully clear then even for myself. The decision was endorsed by neither my parents nor my brother, and it has been recognized as reckless and unreasonable. Considering a stable life for the children, they kept advising me to think this through carefully. I have luckily had the support from my wife, and Metal Challenge was erected with my sober determination amongst surrounding sentiments of uncertainty. It was a fortuitous yet a definite chosen move.

It was not until the moment when I was picking up presents for the company’s year-end party for my outstanding employees of “10 Years of Metal Challenge” that I realized how time flew. Looking back at these ten years, the company had started from scratchwith bravely overcoming obstacles one after another, experienced tormenting situation in despair, and then acknowledged the true meaning of “Misfortune might be a blessing in disguises”. This made me believe that desperation in itself containing hope, and is a positive thrust, as is said in the old Chinese saying: less desire enhances fortitude. In the world where hope and desperation is not really that far away from each other, persistence is the only means for prevalence.

Following a decade long efforts, Metal Challenge has achieved the first leap, and fundamentally completed capital accumulation. In the year of 2011, we have achieved an annual sales revenue of nearly CNY 20 billion, and reached a historical new peak in our profit volumes. The full production of our third joint venture plant sounds the triumph of Metal Challenge stepping up another notch in the field of equity investments, and we are still planning to build another two plants in China. Reflected in these achievements, is the wisdom, strength and a spirit of the unremitting pursuit for perfection from each staff in our Metal Challenge team.

As Metal Challenge enters the 2nd decade threshold, the company is back on the starting line again. It is vital for an enterprise to constantly adapt to the changing economics and search for new opportunities further turning them into driving force of the development of a company. Metal Challenge is also faced with this complicated and constantly changing market, but I am confident. As not only because of the unity of shareholders management team and the professional team of elite and wisdom, more importantly, is because of the spirit that has been, over the past decade, nurtured and becoming inherent in the company culture –


Modesty and Diligence, Integrity and Win-Win.

Zhang Xin

Chairman of Metal Challenge