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Metal Challenge, based in China, is one of the leading independent traders and marketers of metals and minerals. With rapid development of the Chinese non-ferrous metals market, our dynamic and energetic team, utilizing years of experience, formed up their unique core competitiveness in trading modes and hedging ideas. They built for Metal Challenge a worldwide supply network of metals and minerals. Metal Challenge strives to be a competitive and influential partner in the markets it operates, and it aims to support its customers getting access to worldwide resources of commodities.

Metal Challenge trade and consult in a significant share of Chinese importing or offshore trading in Copper cathodes and its raw materials. Metal Challenge proprietary trading revenue reaches 2 Billion USD in year of 2011 and it channeled the imports of over 10% of total cathodes and concentrates into China by our agency arm. Metal Challenge is also actively engaged in a variety of commodities including Aluminum/Alumina, Zinc/Lead, Nickel, Chrome/Manganese and iron ore trading, on consulting or proprietary basis. Through its international connections, Metal Challenge also consults mining projects for our important customer access to valuable resources in the globe.

Metal Challenge invested in 3 Aluminum Alloy fabricators who gained certificates from multiple world known car manufacturers. In the year 2012, we will further invest in another 2 plants to provide reliable supply to the two of largest automobile makers in China.

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