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We know that project management is a complicated science, and that is why we are here to help. Each project is unique, and it takes knowledge, relationship and varuous resources to achieve certain goals. We assist and facilitate project process and assure cost effectiveness. Your goal is ours. 


We look for opportunities in the industry hoping to contribute to the China's nonferrous metals industry. We endeavor to utilize our resources and relationshi to build a bridge that enables the China's nonferrous metals industry to communicate with the world. 

Strategic Project Investments

Together with China's largest copper smelting and refining company - Jiangxi Copper Company Limited, and China Railway Materials International Trading Company Limited, we jointly acquired 50% stock equity of Turkish metals trading company Nesko Trading Limited, controlling Albania's most copper mining resources. This is a first and important step forward for Jiangxi Copper to invest overseas mines, and we are looking for more such opportunities.

Global Vision and Cooperation

The nonferrous metals market is closely related to the commodities market that changes sometimes rapidly. How to face the challenges in the market is what every company in the industry must think of. China's nonferrous metals companies must build solid relationship with upstream raw materials suppliers as well as downstream high end product fabricators to stand in the global market. Thus Metal Challenge's working direction.

Asia Copper Week

The annual global industrial event Asia Copper Week is one of our most important business portfolio. The event has become the biggest, most focused in the industry providing best platform for companies in the market to exchange opinions and settle business agreements. Metal Challenge is an Executive Committee member of the event and is responsible for preparation, coordination and marketing of the event. Through our efforts, we wish to contribute to the global copper industry.

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