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Metal Challenge has subsidiary companies and branch offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Perth and Tokyo. We also set up off-shore trading vehicle in British Virgin Islands. 

Metal Challenge Japan Co., Ltd

Metal Challenge established its Japanese branch in 2021,aiming at providing more convinient and prompt service to its partners and clients.

Metal Challenge Australia Pty. Ltd

Metal Challenge Australia Pty. Ltd, registered in Perth in 2016, is aiming to serve our Australian and Chinese customers in a more efficient and direct manner.

Metal Challenge Australia Pty. Ltd has been closely bridging Australian mining companies and Chinese smelters, manufactures since its establishement. It has become the Chinese marketing agent and consultant of several Australian mining companies, also, it has been succesfully faciliating Chinese manufactures to export high-quality mine equipment/consumables to Australian market.

Metal Challenge Australia Pty. Ltd continues to creat value for partners with its professionalism and diligence, and devote to facilitate the win-win collaberation between the Australian and Chinese counterparties.

Shanghai Metal Challenge Metals Trading Co., Ltd.

Registered in the city of Shanghai in December, 2003, located in the Great Wall mansion in Putuo District, Shanghai Metal Challenge Trading Co., Ltd. is an independently operated domestic trading company. The company is formed up due to the strategic investment needs of the Beijing headquarter, with a registered capital of CNY 12.7 million.

The predecessor of the company is a representative agent of the base metal business of a world famous trading company. A good relationship and comprehensive business channels are therefore established from the vast experience. Based on this advantage, the company expanded our business field to copper cathode, aluminum ingots, Zinc ingots, silicon, magnesium and other base metal businesses. Risks of inventory and logistics are hedged by means of utilizing futures hedging. Joining the trend of globalization, the company further expands the trade of base metals, joins the global competition in the market.

Mission statement of the company is to develop steadily pace after pace, and to realize continuous achievements. By making best use of our core know-how and vast experience in the field of base metal prompt goods / futures market, we provide our customers with top quality services.

Beijing Metal Challenge Global Trading Company Limited, Guangzhou Office

Guangzhou Office is a subsidiary department of Beijing Metal Challenge Global Trading Co., Ltd. in the southern China area. Its main function is the information gathering, potential customers developing, logistics managements and new projects researching of the south China market.

Guangzhou Office is meanwhile responsible for copper, aluminum and scrap copper trade at the eastern China area. The eastern China area, being a traditional collection and distribution center of base metals, is an important component of the Chinese metals market. The Metal Challenge team formed up Guangzhou office in the year 2009, and therefore completed the strategic layout of our domestic marketing.

Major products that we deal: 
Aluminum ingots, zinc ingots and copper cathode.

Metal Challenge Co., Ltd.

Metal Challenge Co., Ltd., incorporated on November 13th, 2003, was registered in British Virgin Islands, with representative offices in Hong Kong and Beijing.

The main business scopes are non-ferrous metals trade, agent for the globally famous company in non-ferrous metal industry and correlative consulting services.

From the year 2008, Metal Challenge started to focus on the principle business for various metals with focus on copper metal and raw material trading. The philosophy of the company is to provide business solutions for Chinese smelters in their purchasing and sales side by using the own expertise in form of raw material supply and end product hedging, distributing. With few years’ accumulation, Metal Challenge is playing as a unique role in the Chinese market, it is acting as one of the ‘arm’ of various producers/mines in China. Metal Challenge is also getting to be involved in steel industry, and set partnership with global miners in nickel ore, chrome ore and iron ore field. Relying on the expertise in non-ferrous industry, Metal Challenge is trying to develop more business models in the ferrous industry in the next 1-5 years.